Carla Novinger is an acting coach who has been coaching for over forty years. She gained some level of fame because of her son, Steve Howey. Her son is an American actor best known for his appearance on the TV show Shameless as Kevin Ball. She was born on December 5, 1950. Carla is a distinguished acting instructor, having devoted more than four decades to coaching aspiring performers.

She is one of the numerous successful acting coaches who have acquainted Hollywood stars. Other outstanding coaches include 

  • Susan Batson 
  • Ivana Chubbuck 
  • Stella Adler

Personal History of Carla Novinger

On the eleventh of October in the year 1975, Carla Novinger and William D. Howey, who was also an acting coach. She tied the knot in Bexar County, Texas. They remained happily married for 46 years until William’s demise on the 31st of August, 2021, due to dementia. Throughout their union, they were blessed with three children, namely Tammy Howey, Bret, and Steve Howey.

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Following her husband’s passing, Carla Novinger has chosen to devote her attention to her career. As an acting coach, and as yet, she has not remarried. Despite this, she still holds great affection for her late husband and feels his absence deeply.

Education & Career

Upon completing her primary education, Carla Novinger matriculated at Cherry Creek High School, located in Englewood. Where she eventually graduated in 1968. While the details of her college education remain unknown. She devoted her life to the art of acting. Besides, he pursued formal training as an acting coach. Later, after marrying William Howey, the couple founded the Howey Acting Studio. 

A highly esteemed drama school located in Mesa, Arizona. She has since spent over four decades honing her craft at the studio. The imparts her knowledge and expertise to countless aspiring actors.

Many artists, including her son Steve Howey, have gone through and enhanced their skills at the drama school. She was extremely instrumental in assisting her son to become the person he is today. Steve gave evidence of how his parents taught and secured him to evolve into a successful actor.


Talking about Carla Novinger’s son, Steve Howey, began his journey as an actor by studying the art of acting at the drama school founded by his parents. 

She was a stalwart pillar of support throughout her son’s training, and together with her husband. She imparted the knowledge and skills necessary to guide him toward a successful acting career. 

Steve eventually embarked on his professional acting journey in the late 1990s. Besides, starting with a role in the television show, The Drew Carey Show. Following this, he made his debut in films. The carved a name for himself in the industry through his hard work and dedication.

Before landing a main role, Carla’s son seemed in numerous series, including 

  • ER 
  • Get Real 
  • Tooned in 
  • Any Day Now

From the year 2001 to 2006, he featured the character Van Montgomery in the television series Reba. Besides, Steve flaunted Weatherby in the year 2006 film DOA: Dead or Alive. As well as he was furthermore the identification character in the series Stan Helsing.

Steve Howey’s other film roles include 

  • Wrong Cops 
  • Conception 
  • Bride Wars 
  • Supercross 
  • See You in Valhalla 
  • In Your Eyes 
  • Unleashed 
  • Day Shift 

However, he portrayed Mike Nazarian appearing alongside Jamie Foxx. In 2011, Carla’s son started appearing on Shameless as a regular. They also played the role until the show ended in 2021.

Steve also has done an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Workaholics. From March 1, 2023, Carla’s son materializes as Harry Tasker in the sequence True Lies, which is opposite Ginger Gonzaga.

Fame & Net Worth’

With over forty years of experience as an acting instructor. Carla Novinger must have accrued a considerable amount of wealth throughout her career. However, information regarding her net worth remains undisclosed to the public. Conversely, her son, Steve Howey, has amassed a fortune worth three million dollars over his two-decade career in the entertainment industry. 

It is a testament to the success and dedication of both Carla and Steve. Along with their hard work and talent leading to their respective accomplishments.

Social Media Presence:

Carla Novinger maintains an active social media presence on Instagram, where her handle is @howeyactingstudio. Her Instagram account primarily features posts related to her drama school. Highlighting her work as an acting instructor and showcasing the accomplishments of her students. 

While her focus is on promoting her craft, she occasionally shares glimpses of her personal life. The posting pictures of herself and her extended family. It is a testament to Carla’s commitment to her craft that she utilizes social media to connect. With her students and promote the importance of acting as an art form. While still finding moments to share her personal history with her followers.

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