Crosby Reid Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki

Crosby Reid Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki

Crosby Reid, a name that resonates in celebrity circles, is widely recognized as the daughter of the renowned football coach, Andy Reid. While her professional pursuits remain undisclosed, Crosby’s presence in the public eye is firmly rooted in her familial connection.

Profession: Celebrity Daughter

Crosby Reid’s professional endeavors are shrouded in mystery, as she maintains a low profile regarding her career and personal pursuits.

Popular For: Daughter of Andy Reid

Crosby Reid’s prominence is primarily attributed to her status as the daughter of the accomplished football coach, Andy Reid. Her father’s illustrious career in the sports industry has undoubtedly influenced her life journey.

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Age (As of 2023): 35 years old

As of 2023, Crosby Reid stands at 35 years old, embodying a stage in life where experiences and opportunities continue to shape her identity.

Date of Birth: March 17, 1988

Crosby Reid was born on March 17, 1988, aligning her birthdate with the zodiac sign of Pisces. Pisceans are often associated with empathy and creativity.

Birth Place: United States

Hailing from the United States, specific details about Crosby Reid’s place of birth within the country are not publicly available.

Nationality: American

As an American national, Crosby Reid is intricately connected to the cultural tapestry of the United States.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Crosby Reid’s ethnicity is categorized as Caucasian, reflecting her European heritage and adding diversity to her familial background.

Education: Not Available

Details about Crosby Reid’s educational journey, including the schools or universities she attended, are not publicly disclosed.

Height: More than 5 feet

Crosby Reid stands tall, her height eclipsing the 5-feet mark. This stature adds a graceful allure to her persona, hinting at a presence that commands attention.

Eye Color: Blue

The captivating shade of blue in Crosby Reid’s eyes adds a touch of intrigue to her overall appearance. Blue eyes are often associated with depth and clarity, leaving an imprint that resonates with those who encounter her gaze.

Weight: Not Available

Specifics about Crosby Reid’s weight are not publicly disclosed, preserving a level of privacy around her physical attributes. This undisclosed aspect adds an element of enigma to her public persona, allowing the focus to remain on her achievements and connections rather than superficial details.

Net Worth: Estimated Net Worth – Not Available

Specifics about Crosby Reid’s net worth are not publicly known, maintaining an element of privacy around her financial affairs.

Family Ties of Crosby Reid

Crosby Reid’s life is woven into a rich tapestry of familial connections, with each thread contributing to the unique narrative of her journey.

Father: Andy Reid

Crosby Reid is the daughter of the esteemed football coach, Andy Reid. His influence in the sports industry has not only shaped the landscape of football but has also played a significant role in shaping Crosby’s understanding of dedication and hard work.

Mother: Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid, Crosby’s mother, adds another layer of support and love to her life. While specific details about Tammy’s public presence are not widely documented, her role as a mother likely contributes to the strong family bonds that define Crosby’s life.

Husband/Wife: Amy Reid

Crosby Reid has embraced the journey of matrimony with her spouse, Amy Reid. While details about Amy’s background and public life remain undisclosed, their union signifies a commitment to building a shared life and creating a foundation for their family.

Children: Two Children

Crosby Reid, as a parent, has two children, enriching her life with the joys and responsibilities that come with parenthood. The details about her children, including their names and ages, are not publicly known, preserving their privacy.

Siblings: Britt Reid, Drew Ann Reid, and Garret Reid

Crosby shares her familial journey with siblings Britt Reid, Drew Ann Reid, and Garret Reid. The dynamics of their relationships add depth to Crosby’s life, emphasizing the significance of family bonds in shaping her character and experiences.

Social Media: Not Available

Crosby Reid’s presence on social media platforms remains undisclosed, hinting at her preference for a private online profile.


Crosby Reid’s public image is intricately tied to her familial connection as the daughter of the esteemed football coach, Andy Reid. While her professional and personal details remain veiled, her presence in the public eye adds an air of curiosity to her life journey as she navigates the delicate balance between family ties and personal identity.

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