Dino Guilmette was born on August 11, 1978, in Rhode Island, USA, to his parents William (father) and Donna (mother). He hails from Long Island, New York. Dino has seven siblings: Dina Patnaud, William Guilmette III, Michelle, Tammy, Kathy Guilmette Cipriano, Maria, and Debbie Ziadeh Patti Davis. He was known by nicknames such as Dino, Moniker, Joseph, Lizzi, and Big Bully.


Dino resides in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, and drives a Cadillac Escalade. His educational background remains undisclosed. Regarding college, Dino Guilmette graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Master’s in Business Administration. He shares traits with Leo, being ambitious, clever, loyal, persistent, hardworking, and determined. Guilmette is of Hispanic descent and holds American citizenship. He practices the Christian faith.


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Full Name – Dino Guilmette:

Dino Guilmette is a name that has gained recognition in various fields, from boxing to entrepreneurship. Born on August 11, 1978, in Rhode Island, USA, Dino has made a name for himself as a prominent figure in his own right.

Profession – Boxer and Entrepreneur:

Dino Guilmette has a multifaceted career, excelling both as a boxer and an entrepreneur. His journey in the boxing world has earned him recognition and respect, while his entrepreneurial endeavors have showcased his versatility and business acumen.

Popular For – Husband of Shayanna Jenkins:

In addition to his professional achievements, Dino Guilmette is also known for his personal life as the husband of Shayanna Jenkins. Their relationship has been in the spotlight, adding to his public persona.

Age (As of 2023) – 45 years old:

As of 2023, Dino Guilmette is 45 years old, reflecting a life filled with experiences and accomplishments.

Zodiac Sign – Leo:

Born on August 11, Dino’s zodiac sign is Leo, which is often associated with qualities such as leadership, charisma, and a strong sense of self.

Birth Place – Rhode Island, USA:

Dino Guilmette hails from Rhode Island, a state in the United States known for its beautiful coastline and rich history.

Nationality – American:

Dino Guilmette proudly holds American nationality, a testament to his roots in the United States.

Ethnicity – Hispanic:

Hispanic heritage is a part of Dino’s identity, contributing to the diversity of his background.

School – N/A:

While specific details about his school education are not available, his journey likely began in a local school in Rhode Island.

University – University of Rhode Island:

Dino Guilmette’s pursuit of higher education led him to the University of Rhode Island, where he might have honed his skills and knowledge in various fields.

Height – 5 ft 10 inches:

Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, Dino Guilmette possesses a stature that likely served him well in his boxing career.

Eye Color – Brown:

Dino’s distinctive brown eyes are a part of his physical features.

Body Type – Athletic:

With an athletic body type, Dino Guilmette has likely maintained his physique through rigorous training, both in and out of the boxing ring.

Weight – 81 kg:

Dino’s weight, at 81 kilograms, is reflective of an athlete who has taken great care of his physical condition.

Hair Color – Black:

Black hair graces Dino’s head, adding to his distinctive appearance.

Estimated Net worth – Approximately $2 million:

Dino Guilmette has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $2 million, a testament to his financial success in various ventures.

Father – William Guilmette II:

Dino’s father, William Guilmette II, likely played a significant role in shaping his early life.

Mother – Donna Guilmette:

Donna Guilmette, Dino’s mother, undoubtedly provided love and support throughout his life.

Spouse – Shayanna Jenkins:

Dino’s relationship with Shayanna Jenkins has been a focal point of public interest.


Dino Guilmette has several siblings, including William Guilmette III, Dina Patnaud, Michelle, Tammy, Kathy Guilmette Cipriano, Maria, Debbie Ziadeh, and Patti Davis. Their family ties have contributed to his personal and emotional development.


Dino Guilmette is a parent to Mia Guilmette, Giselle Guilmette, and Arielle Janelle Hernandez, a testament to his role as a family man.

Social Media – Instagram:

Dino Guilmette maintains a presence on Instagram, where he may share glimpses of his life, career, and family.


Each of these aspects provides a comprehensive view of Dino Guilmette’s life and career, showcasing his accomplishments and personal journey.


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