Hannah Jane Shepard Wiki, Networth, Age & Others

Numerous individuals became well-known due to their ties to famous figures, and Hannah Jane Shepard fits this description. Hannah Jane became widely recognized as the daughter of the late American actor, writer, filmmaker, and screenwriter Sam Shepard.

Furthermore, she achieved substantial fame thanks to her mother, Jessica Lange, an actress who won an Academy Award. Her upbringing was fantastic as her parents were among the highest-earning celebrities. 

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Celebrity Name: Hannah Jane Shepard

Hannah Jane Shepard is a relatively private figure, primarily known for being the daughter of the acclaimed actor and playwright, Sam Shepard. Her life and details have been kept largely away from the public eye, making it challenging to provide comprehensive information about her.

Popular For: Daughter of Sam Shepard

Hannah Jane Shepard gained recognition mainly for her familial connection as the daughter of Sam Shepard, a renowned figure in the world of theater, film, and literature. Sam Shepard was celebrated for his impactful contributions to the arts, including Pulitzer Prize-winning plays and acting in iconic films.

Profession: N/A

Hannah Jane Shepard’s profession, if any, remains undisclosed or not prominently featured in public records. She has largely chosen to maintain a low profile, away from the professional limelight.

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

As with her profession, Hannah Jane Shepard’s estimated net worth is not publicly known. She has not actively pursued a public career that would typically lead to financial estimates being available.

Age (As of 2023): 37 years old

Born on January 13, 1986, Hannah Jane Shepard is currently 37 years old as of 2023.

Birth Date: January 13, 1986

Hannah Jane Shepard was born on January 13, 1986, marking the beginning of her life’s journey.

Sign: Capricorn

Her astrological sign is Capricorn, which is often associated with traits like discipline, responsibility, and ambition.

Birth Place: United States of America

Hannah Jane Shepard was born in the United States of America, though specific details about her place of birth remain undisclosed.

Nationality: American

She holds American nationality, reflecting her birthplace and citizenship.

Ethnicity: White

Hannah Jane Shepard’s ethnicity is categorized as White, which typically refers to individuals of European descent.

Education: N/A

There is no available information regarding her educational background or qualifications.

Height: N/A

Hannah Jane Shepard’s height is not publicly disclosed.

Weight: N/A

Similarly, her weight remains a private matter.

Body Measurement: N/A

Details about her body measurements, such as clothing size or physical statistics, are not publicly available.

Body Type: N/A

Hannah Jane Shepard’s body type is not specified in public records.

Hair Color: Blonde

She is known for having blonde hair.

Eye Color: Blue

Her eyes are blue, contributing to her physical appearance.

Father: Sam Shepard

Hannah’s father, Sam Shepard, was a legendary figure in the entertainment industry, celebrated for his work as a playwright, actor, and author.

Mother: Jessica Langelate

Her mother’s name is Jessica Langelate, but information about her remains limited.


  • Siblings: Shura Baryshnikov, Jesse Mojo Shepard, and Samuel Walker Shepard


  • Hannah Jane Shepard has three known siblings: Shura Baryshnikov, Jesse Mojo Shepard, and Samuel Walker Shepard. These siblings share the lineage of their esteemed father, Sam Shepard.


  • Social Media: N/A


Hannah Jane Shepard does not appear to have a presence on social media platforms, opting for a more private and low-key lifestyle.


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