Heather Carmilla Joseph, a popular figure on social media, is the mother of the well-known American rapper 21 Savage. She currently resides in the United States. Heather Carmilla gained fame through her active presence on social platforms and her frequent appearances at 21 Savage’s official events, showcasing her strength as a single mother.

Meanwhile, she herself was born in the Dominican Republic, which piques people’s curiosity about her background. Her parents brought her into the world in Dominica, and that’s where her home remains to this day.

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Full Name – Heather Carmillia Joseph

Heather Carmillia Joseph is a name that gained prominence in connection with her familial ties. She is known primarily as the mother of the well-known rapper 21 Savage.


Information about Heather Carmillia Joseph’s profession is not available.

Popular For – 21 Savage’s Mother

Heather Carmillia Joseph is popularly recognized as the mother of the renowned rapper 21 Savage. Her association with her son’s success in the music industry has brought her attention from the public and media.

Age (As of 2023) – 51 years old

As of the year 2023, Heather Carmillia Joseph is 51 years old, indicating her birth year to be around 1972.

Date of Birth

Specific information regarding Heather Carmillia Joseph’s date of birth is not available.

Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Heather Carmillia Joseph is not known due to the absence of her date of birth.

Birth Place – Dominica

Heather Carmillia Joseph was born in Dominica, which is a Caribbean island nation known for its lush rainforests and natural beauty.

Nationality – American

She holds American nationality, indicating her affiliation with the United States.

Ethnicity – Dominican

The ethnicity of the person is Dominican, indicating their cultural and ancestral background is tied to the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean nation is known for its rich history, diverse population, and vibrant culture.


There is no available information regarding the individual’s educational background or attendance at any specific school or university. This lack of data makes it challenging to provide details about their academic history or qualifications.


The individual’s height is not disclosed or publicly known. Height can vary significantly among individuals, and without specific information, it’s impossible to provide any details about their stature or physical appearance in this regard.

Eye Color: 

The individual is reported to have black-colored eyes. Eye color is a genetic trait and can vary among people. In this case, the individual’s eye color is described as black, which is a less common but naturally occurring eye color.


Information about the individual’s weight is not available or publicly disclosed. Weight can vary based on various factors, such as age, lifestyle, and genetics, and it’s not possible to provide specific details without this information.

Estimated net worth: 

There is no provided estimate of the individual’s net worth. Net worth is a measure of an individual’s financial assets and liabilities, and without access to financial records or public disclosures, it’s not possible to provide an estimate of their wealth.


No information about the individual’s father is available. The identity, background, and personal details of their father are not disclosed in the provided information.


Similarly, no information about the individual’s mother is available. Details about their mother’s identity, background, or personal history are not provided.


The individual is reported to be married to Amsu Anpu. However, additional information about their spouse, such as their occupation, personal details, or the nature of their relationship, is not provided.


The individual has two children, namely 21 Savage and TM1Way. These are presumably the names of their offspring. However, specific details about their children’s ages, backgrounds, or public profiles are not included in the provided information.


No information about the individual’s siblings is available. Details regarding the number of siblings, their names, or any other information about them are not disclosed in the provided data.

Social Media: 

The individual is active on Instagram, a popular social media platform. However, specific details about their Instagram account, such as the number of followers, posts, or the content they share, are not provided in the given information. Social media platforms are commonly used for sharing personal updates, photos, and connecting with followers and friends.


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