How Long Does SEO Take To See Results in 2022

In today’s blog, we want to give you an actionable way to determine how long it will take for SEO to take effect then what we will do is. We will actually give you an SEO Formula of “how you can figure out?” How long it will take to take the first, second or third position. 

We have gone ahead and took the liberty to bring up this particular search engine result page (SERP). We can go ahead and analyze together so could break this down in a simple way. We did this particular search criminal lawyer in Reading, Pennsylvania, and this is close to me. We need to scroll down we can see that these are ads. This is a Google my business. This is the 3 pack or the snack pack then we have just for you. We know that this is a massive site and that is when it starts to begin. 

Overthrown the very next piece is this particular site? So this is probably going to be who we want to beat. There is a potential chance that we could get in this place. Let’s go ahead and use this as our example. 

How long will it take for SEO to take effect?

The formula to figure out how long it will take to get to the first page of Google. The first thing we really need to determine for it to take effect is our on-page SEO. But even before that is our technical SEO. We are assuming that your technical is already taken care of is your site speed your SSL certificate.

Need to determine to make our SEO take effective

Now what we need to determine to make our SEO in 2022 take effect. Almost is our on-page SEO. So we need to determine: 

  • How many partial matches they have on their page of the particular keyword? 
  • How many exact matches do they have of that particular keyword?
  • What is their word count?
  • How many photos in my content? 
  • How many tables do they have?
  • how many bolts and so on 

Once you have seen what Google is rewarding for this keyword. We know that they are rewarding this particular phrase match exact match word, count. This is how many pictures they want to see once we have determined what Google is looking for. Rewarding you need to make sure that the site age is good. Google seeking a very old website if they’re seeking an old website. We might be able to overtake them with the off-page SEO which will lead me into my formula.  Here is the formula to determine, how long it will take to actually reach the first page? After, we have determined our on-page SEO is what Google is rewarding for this particular search. If we wanted to reach the top 3 positions. We can see that Google is rewarding which websites.  Check the competitor website authority at Ahrefs authority checker and then compare your website authority. For example, your website has enough power behind you. Let’s suppose you checked the competitor links in the SemRush tool you find 1500 links so to determine how long it will take to get in this position.

If everything else matches up. This is only one example. My on-page is on point. I know what Google is rewarding. My site age is okay. We have the partial matches the exact matches. We have word countdown, pictures, tables, bold, meta data, meta title, meta description, site speeds up, SSL certificate. Everything is in place.

We need to worry about off-page. They have 1500 backlinks. So that’s when we start thinking about link velocity. How many links can you build right on a weekly basis is called link velocity?

Now if you can build 20 links and the site to beat has, 1500 in your building link velocity of 20. Right, per week. Do you need to figure out how long will it take for me to beat them with everything else being equal?

Technical and on-page so we have 1500 we are going divide that by 20 links per week. That would take us approximately one full year to beat them. We need to make sure that we’re getting links from similar sites. If not the same sites, but we might be able to build fewer links if they’re of a higher power. If they’re of higher trust, higher authority, but this is the basic formula right here. You need to figure out the site to beat. Your estimation of how long it will take you to beat that person that you need to get in their place. But remember that if everything else that’s this and technical is also matched. 

Now try to make this as simple as possible. We tried to make this actionable if you have any questions regarding on-page SEO, off-page SEO, how to rank number one in Google, etc. Please leave it in the comments below. 

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  1. Brittney

    Thank you for your insight on your topics! I love how you’re straight to the point & get your point across quickly & clearly. Easy to follow instructions. I don’t have a new website, but I am in the process of rebranding my website. I am going to apply some of these tricks & also some of the tricks in your blog on generating traffic. I am subscribing 😎👍🏽 great page!

  2. Kevin

    Great content, thanks for sharing. We believe the same in that you should give it time to see whether your SEO work is being rewarded or not. At least 6 months worth of work and time should be allowed.

  3. Flamencista

    Digi, you are an inspiring mentor and a game changer! We love your content.. Fully constructive and illuminating content. Thank you for creating value for all of us

  4. George

    I’ve been building my website actively since October 2019, practice a lot with each and every one of your blogs, this month I’ve seen some promising result, thank you

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