Miah Harbaugh, formerly known as Miah Burke, is recognized as Jim Harbaugh’s former spouse. At 49 years old, she resides in Coronado with her three children. 

She was born in 1972 in New Jersey and spent her childhood there before relocating to Orlando with her family. 

Miah belongs to the White ethnic group, holds American nationality, and is a private individual who avoids social gatherings. 

Her early life, family, and educational background are kept private. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. 

On the other hand, Jim Harbaugh, a renowned football coach, was born on December 23, 1963, and enjoyed a successful 14-season NFL career, earning popularity among football enthusiasts.

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Celebrity Name: Miah Harbaugh

Miah Harbaugh gained recognition primarily for her role as the first wife of Jim Harbaugh, a prominent figure in American football. While she may not be as widely known as her former spouse, her connection to him has brought her into the spotlight.

Popular For: Being the First Wife of Jim Harbaugh

Miah Harbaugh is celebrated for her association with Jim Harbaugh, a highly respected and accomplished figure in the world of American football. 

Her status as the first wife of Jim Harbaugh has garnered her attention from sports enthusiasts and fans of the Harbaugh family.

Profession: Waitress in Orlando (Past Jobs)

In the past, Miah Harbaugh worked as a waitress in Orlando, Florida. While her professional career may not have reached the same level of fame as her former husband’s. Her previous occupation reflects her life before becoming part of the Harbaugh family.

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million

As of the available information, Miah Harbaugh’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million. While not among the wealthiest celebrities, this financial standing is notable and signifies her relative financial stability.

Age (As of 2023): 51 years old

Miah Harbaugh’s age, as of the year 2023, is 51 years old. This detail provides insight into her current stage in life and her experiences up to this point.

Birth Date: 1972

Miah Harbaugh was born in the year 1972, which places her within a specific generation and era. Her birth year holds significance in understanding the context of her life.

Birth Sign: N/A

The astrological birth sign of Miah Harbaugh is not available in the provided information.

Birth Place: Coronado, California

Miah Harbaugh was born in Coronado, California. Her place of birth gives us a geographic reference point in her life’s journey.

Nationality: American

She holds American nationality, indicating her citizenship status and cultural background.

Ethnicity: White

Miah Harbaugh’s ethnicity is identified as White, offering insight into her ancestral background.

Education: Bachelor in Paralegal Studies

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, which signifies her educational achievements and areas of expertise.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Miah Harbaugh has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, providing information about her physical stature.

Weight: 60kg

Her weight is recorded at 60 kilograms, indicating her approximate body mass.

Body Measurement: N/A

Specific body measurements are not available in the provided information.

  • Body Type: N/A

Details regarding her body type are not specified in the available data.

  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

Miah Harbaugh’s hair color is dark brown, a characteristic of her physical appearance.

  • Eye Color: Dark Brown

She has dark brown eyes, which contribute to her overall appearance.

  • Father: N/A

Information about Miah Harbaugh’s father is not provided.

  • Mother: N/A

Similarly, details about her mother are not disclosed in the available information.

  • Siblings: N/A

There is no information available regarding her siblings or family members.

Social Media: N/A

Miah Harbaugh does not appear to have a public presence on social media platforms, which suggests a degree of privacy in her personal life.


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