On-page optimization is the regular formatting of your website content optimization through title tags, descriptions, keywords, graphics, and much more.

SEO users considered other factors more important for more traffic at their websites but on-page optimization is the main cause of organic traffic and valuable audience who stays longer. On-page SEO is improvising content according to needs and requirements of customers or target audience and also demand of search engine mainly Google for better page ranking known as SERP (search engine result page) because the content world is ever-evolving.

 On-page SEO makes you smarter in search of keywords that are already used in search engines, as it has been observed that top-ranking pages use particularly on demand and most searched keywords in their title tags and content according to the respective audience.

Keywords are used in HTML (hypertext markup language) tags including titles, Meta titles, and headers. So these keywords should be the same as the audience is searching in the search bar and then HTML describes the structure of the content of the webpage to the browser. HTML is not shown or seen by the audience but the browser knows what it is and how to follow it as it can be said recipe of content given to the browser to display the content with the label pieces such as” this is a heading” or” this is a paragraph”.


On-Page Optimization Strategies

It not only includes the wordy part of the content but graphics, images, videos, and content set up. What should be said first or what should come last, whether all the content is relatable to the targeted domain, content is accessible to the targeted audience, and keywords are used in the title, subtitles, and headers.

After uploading your content what one should do for on page optimization?

  • ORCR = observe, reflect, repeat and change.
  • Observe the content that how the site is performing with it.
  • Reflect upon the performance by noticing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Repeat the strengths.
  • Change and update the weaker areas

This on page SEO is cyclic process which goes on for updated site’s version.

On-page optimization or on-page SEO is something that is visible to your targeted audience for gaining their trust in your authentic content by covering their demands of content whereas off-page SEO or off-page optimization is something you do as a backup for your targeted audience through blogging, sharing on social media and link building by maintaining the trust on content with other valuable sources which are directly unseen to the audience but indirectly impacting organic traffic on your website.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO both are vital for better page ranking of your website and eventually both bring the 100% result but on-page SEO is the first step of content optimization and off-page SEO is the last or second one whereas on-page SEO is a slow process for impacting your value on the respective search engine as compared to off-page SEO because it directly works upon stored data from on-page SEO so concluding point is that on-page SEO is boost by off-page SEO and off-page SEO is incomplete without on-page SEO.

But if someone considers on-page SEO or content optimization, not so valuable then their website would never be able to gain valuable traffic.

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