How To Rank Your LinkedIn Page | 3 LinkedIn Hacks

Want to know how to rank your Company Linked page or increase followers? If yes, keep on reading as we are going to share 3 tips with you on how you can boost your following in no time.

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Hi everyone, today we are going to show you how you can rank your company’s LinkedIn page followers!

Make sure you read this blog until the very end because we have a super special gift for you that is going to help you boost your LinkedIn page in no time.


We are excited for businesses to use the LinkedIn platform. The demand for content on LinkedIn is far greater than the content providers. So, what this means for you is that when you publish a post on LinkedIn, your engagement and your potential for reaching massive audiences is so much greater than in many other social media platforms.

that. So I really want you to connect into Another reason why LinkedIn is super special, is that when you publish a post on the LinkedIn platform and say your friend comments or likes it. The people in your friend’s network will now also be able to see your post.

This is unseen on any other social media platform. Here is an example for you. I do not personally follow Adolf Henry on LinkedIn. However, because of my connection, Adolf Henry has liked her post, I am now seeing it in my feed as well.

This is super powerful and can expose you to people outside of your network and beyond your following.


Tip#1: Publish Valuable and Trending Content

So my number one tip for getting more followers on your company page is to publish valuable and trending content that people want to engage with.

When it comes to content creation, we are a big believer in sharing your unique information with your audience for free.

The more tips and insights you can give away for free, the more you will be perceived as the expert in that field, and the more people will want to work with you.

Yes, absolutely share content that is of value to your audience and encourage them to participate by saying something like, comment below. If you agree with this or leave a comment. If you had like me to send this free checklist to you.


Tip#2: Ask Questions in Your Posts

Another great thing you can do is to ask questions in your posts. LinkedIn has just launched an amazing feature, called LinkedIn poll. You better know how much people love polls. You can also create one by going to your company page, starting a post, adding in your questions and answers, and sharing this on your company page.

If you now go to the member view page, you see how awesome your post looks. You might be thinking Digiz Lab, that’s all great. We have zero followers on my company page.

Are you also in that case study? What should you do in this instance?

Just go to your company page, copy the link to your post and then go back to your personal profile and drop the link there.

The coolest thing is that, when you publish a company update on your personal profile, is that it will have this follow button on top of them. Successfully, this is a great hack or great way to get more followers.

Don’t publish anything on your personal profile anymore. But make sure you publish it on your company page, then copy that post or copy the link to that post, and then put that on your personal profile.

Tip#3: Invite your Connections to Follow your Company Page

You should invite your connections to follow your company page. If we visit to the admin page of your company, click on admin tools and select invite connections from the dropdown. This is where you will be able to invite people to who you are already connected with. To follow your company page.

Be careful with these as you only get 100 credits a month, but as your connections accept the invite, the credits will be returned to you. So we are going to invite one of my friends to follow my company now.

Once I do this, Olivia will receive a notification saying that I have invited her to like my company page.


Tip#4: Notify your Team about Publishing a New Post

If you go back to the admin view of your company page, you will see notify employees button on top of your posts. I currently don’t have any employees, but if you did, you could send them a notification that a new post has just been published on the company page.

You are allowed to send these notifications once a day, but LinkedIn will not show them to everyone in your company. LinkedIn is using a so-called relevance model, where they look at how often those employees typically engage with company posts to decide whether or not to show your notification to them.


Bonus Tip Only for You

Many of us often forget about LinkedIn groups. That is another awesome place where to share your content. Now, you never, ever want to be spamming or promoting yourself on those groups.

However, if you are truly sharing content that is of value to those people and you are engaging in conversations and questions with the community members, you were so much more likely to get new following as a business.

I hope you have some amazing ideas flowing on how to rank the LinkedIn Company page.

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