Sophie Dymoke Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki

Sophie Dymoke, widely recognized as the wife of the accomplished actor Matthew Goode, is a woman whose life has been touched by both family and career. Here are some insights into her personal and professional journey:


Sophie Dymoke is known for her role as a Sales Director, showcasing her professional prowess in the business world. While her specific contributions and achievements in the field remain private, her dedication to her career is evident.

Estimated Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars, Sophie Dymoke has garnered financial success, likely influenced by her career as a Sales Director and her association with the renowned actor Matthew Goode.

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Birthday and Zodiac:

As of 2023, Sophie Dymoke is 41 years old, born in 1982 in Tunbridge Wells, England. While her birth sign is not publicly known, her birthplace has played a role in shaping her identity.


Sophie Dymoke pursued her education at The University of Wales, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. This academic background suggests a commitment to knowledge and personal development.


Standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches, Sophie Dymoke possesses a commanding presence that complements her public profile.


Maintaining a healthy balance, she weighs 56 kg, reflecting a commitment to overall well-being.

Body Measurement: 

Specifics about Sophie Dymoke’s body measurements and body type are not publicly disclosed, adding an air of mystery to her physical attributes.

Hair Color: 

Sophie’s distinctive blonde hair adds to her individuality and contributes to her overall aesthetic.

Eye Color: 

Her warm brown eyes provide depth to her gaze, enhancing her charismatic presence.

Father and Mother: 

Unfortunately, specific details about Sophie Dymoke’s parents are not publicly known, maintaining a level of privacy surrounding her family background.

Husband (Spouse): 

Sophie is married to the talented actor Matthew Goode, creating a power couple in the entertainment industry. Their union is a testament to love and shared experiences.


The couple shares two beautiful children:

  • Matilda Eve Goode
  • Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode

Their family life is marked by the joy and responsibilities that come with parenthood.


Information regarding Sophie Dymoke’s siblings is not publicly disclosed, keeping her family dynamics largely private.

Social Media:

Sophie Dymoke maintains a low-key online presence, with no publicly available information about her engagement on social media platforms. This choice reflects her inclination towards a private personal life.


Sophie Dymoke’s public identity is intertwined with her role as Matthew Goode’s wife, yet her own achievements and personal details remain mostly undisclosed. With a successful career as a Sales Director and a family-oriented life, Sophie continues to navigate her journey with a balance of grace and privacy.

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