Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline how to use the https://digizlab.com/ website.


We assume that by using this website, you accept these guidelines. Please don’t use digizlab.com if you disagree with the guidelines on this page.


The language we use below refers to our guidelines, our assurance that your information will be secure, and our justification for not being liable for everything on the website.


  • When we use the pronouns “Client,” “You,” or “You’re,” we refer to the user of our website who complies with our terms and conditions.
  • Whenever we refer to “The Company,” “Ourselves,” “We,” “Our,” or “Us,” we are referring to our business.
  • When we refer to a “Party,” “Parties,” or “Us,” we include both of you and us.
  • All of these terms relate to your consent, acceptance, and payment for our assistance in meeting your needs by utilizing our services.
  • We do this by Dutch legislation.
  • The same thing is meant when we use singular or plural pronouns, capital letters, or the pronouns he, she, or they.


On this website, cookies are used. You agree to the usage of cookies as described in digizlab’s Privacy Policy by using the website.


Interactive websites frequently utilize cookies to save user data for each visit. Cookies are used on our website to improve the functionality of some areas, giving users a better overall experience. Additionally, our affiliate and advertising partners may utilize specific utilizes.


If not stated otherwise, digizlab and its affiliates are the exclusive owners of the content on digizlab.com. All of those rights are ours. digizlab.com products may be used for personal use, but only by these terms and conditions.

You must not:


Not at all:


  • Plagiarise content from digizlab.com and post it elsewhere.
  • You can resell, rent, or share digizlab.com products with others.
  • Duplicate content from digizlab.com.
  • Inform people about the material of digizlab.com.
  • On several pages of the website, users can post information and ideas. Before they are displayed, these Comments are not checked, edited, or reviewed by digizlab. Comments represent the opinions of the author, not those of digizlab. digizlab disclaims all liability for any issues brought on by Comments.


digizlab can monitor all Comments and remove those that are inappropriate, rude, or violate these standards.

You attest that:


  • You have the authority and the necessary rights to share the Comments on our website;
  • The Comments do not infringe on any third party’s intellectual property, including its copyright, patent, or trademarks;
  • There are no unlawful, dangerous, indecent, or privacy-invading materials in the Comments.
  • The Comments won’t be used to solicit customers, advertise services, or carry out unlawful activities.
  • You give digizlab special permission to use, alter, and distribute your comments in a variety of formats and media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The following organizations may link to our website without seeking our prior written consent:


  • Government agencies, search engines, news outlets, online directory distributors, and system-wide accredited businesses can all link to our website, except non-profit organizations, charity shopping centers, and charity fundraising organizations, which are not permitted to do so.
  • These organizations are permitted to link to our home page, articles, or other website content as long as the link complies with the following criteria:
  • (a) is truthful;
  • (b) does not falsely imply support for, endorsement of, or approval of the linking party and its goods or services; and
  • (c) is appropriate for the linking party’s website.


Requests for links from these kinds of groups might be taken into consideration and approved:


  • reliable sources of information for consumers and businesses;
  • websites that are part of the dot-com scene;
  • charities’ associations or other advocacy organizations;
  • Websites with online directories; Internet gateways;
  • Accounting, legal, and consulting firms; educational institutions and professional associations.
  • If the following criteria are met: (a) the link won’t damage our reputation or that of the businesses we endorse; (b) the group has no negative past interactions with us; (c) the advantages of the link outweigh the disadvantages of not having digizlab; and (d) the link is appropriate for general resource information, we will approve link requests from these groups.


These organizations may link to our home page as long as the link: (a) isn’t confusing; (b) doesn’t falsely imply that they are associated with or endorse the linking party and their products; and (c) fits the linking party’s website’s content.


Send an email to digizlab if you represent one of the organizations indicated in the second paragraph and would like to link to our website. Give us your name, the name of your organization, contact information, the URL of your website, any URLs that will link to ours from yours, and any URLs on our website that you would like to link to. Wait two to three weeks for a response.


Companies that have our permission may link to our website in the following ways:


By using our official company name; By using the precise URL where the link is to be placed; Or By using any other appropriate description of our Website that is in keeping with the tone and design of the linking party’s site.

Absent a valid trademark license agreement, you are not permitted to use digizlab’s logo or other works of art for linking purposes.


Without our consent and prior authorization in advance, you are not permitted to put frames around our web pages that alter their presentation or visual style.

Content Liability

The information on your website is not our responsibility. You undertake to defend us against any lawsuits arising from our use of your website. Make sure there are no links on any website you build that can be construed as dangerous, offensive, unlawful, or violative of others’ rights.