You always need a platform to showcase your work and proactive strategies to make it visible to your respective audience. Similarly, SEO is best of all for making your content visible and most approachable to all either it is in the form of videos, blogs or scripts, etc.
SEO is search engine optimization in which through an organic and original roadway, you reach your specific audience and your audience reaches you. When you go and type on search engines such as Google about anything you required or you want to know, it will show you all related and most valuable web links according to ranking for the authenticity of your content. The word we type on the search engines is known as keywords for example if I need to know about red shoes so I will write the keyword red shoes and these keywords should be part of your content for maintaining a relationship between audience and your content.


Basically, SEO is a way for promoting your content by smart work without money or pledges but focuses on the originality of content. It is not a static or single phenomenon thing but a continuous process in which you have to maintain your status or ranking on search engines mainly Google by striving each day for visibility of your content to the specified audience.
SEO is simply traffic police of your web links or websites, engaging more traffic of targeted audience towards your content and make sure their presence for a long period of time by using most appropriate keywords. For more details visit Moz blog; What is SEO

As this is for beginners so I would like to explain to you SEO as your digital marketing or online business guide to step upwards in quality and quantity can be understood as a figure which can only be completed with three of its components and which are content originality, content relatability, and content orientation.
SEO is a working partner in your digital business by maximizing your content visible to your specific audience or your content user so your web page will come from last to the first order of page ranking in search engines mainly Google known as SERP (search engine results page) which means if someone search for the same keyword that you also work on so it will automatically begin to visible to the audience and more you work on originality, quality, and requirement of content, it will be proceeding to sustainable ranking on search engine.
There are the easiest and basic steps or techniques of SEO that one should follow for the SERP (search engine results page) of their websites.

  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Content

We will discuss them in our upcoming blogs for you: Our Digiz lab’s family!!!

Highlight: Google search engine market share among others is 92.05% that’s why it is most prominent in SEO working and digital marketing of your website or webpage to follow Google.

In the SEO world, content is really the king and if you cope with the demands of your targeted audience regarding content then you have already done SEO of your web page or website.

SEO is of two types white hat SEO and black hat SEO, similarly as good and bad boy in digital marketing network.

White hat SEO

To follow all the rules and limits set by search engines mainly Google.
This is productive for growth.

Black hat SEO

To cross the set criteria by search engines mainly Google and try to be over smart in unethical means.
This is a short but wrong way for success in digital marketing

So the winner is a white hat SEO doer for not only Google (search engine) but also for the targeted audience and your digital marketing sustainability.

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    Just found your website and I love it. I do own a Google Business account and I thought I knew most of the features. But your blogs provide advice about more optimization.

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    Awesome content as usual but I’m now a little scared of doing more damage than good on the particular task I have before me. There’s a section that my website host has for SEO where I can fill in the following info. for each page on my website: page title; browser page title; page friendly name; meta keywords; meta description. Does each page need to have something unique for all of these categories? I’ve tried seeking help from the website host and they don’t have the knowledge. I would be so grateful if you would weigh in on this!

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    These tips of SEO Opt blog tutorials have helped me so much, in a quick amount of time. I was getting so frustrated! I agree the calming words helps too! Thank you!

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