Darryl Twain Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, and Biography

Darryl Twain’s brother is Shania Twain, who has made a lasting mark on the entertainment industry and had a long and illustrious professional career. Shania is an American Idol Judge and Lip Sync Battle Guest. She eagerly awaits her upcoming panel role for ITV’s second series of Starstruck 2023.

Darryl Twain: A Brief Overview

Darryl Twain’s life was changed forever when Sharon Morrison, Jerry Twain, and his father adopted him after the tragic death of his mother. Carrie Ann Edwards and Jill Edwards are among his siblings, along with Shania Twain and Mark Twain. Each has a fascinating story.

Darryl has half-siblings Jill and Shania from Sharon’s marriage to Clarence Edward. Sharon divorced Clarence and married Jerry Twain, who is Mark Twain’s biological father.

Jerry Twain is a full-blooded Ojibwa from Timmins, Ontario. He legally adopted Carrie Ann Jill and Shania by changing their last names to Twain. Darryl’s educational background and income sources are unknown. He has kept his private life.


Darryl Twain tragically died in a car crash near Wawa, Ontario, when both his parents, Sharon Morrison and Jerry Twain, were killed. Jerry Twain and Sharon Morrison were both killed in a car accident on November 1, 1997.

Shania Twain took care of Darryl and his siblings after their parents died. She moved them to Huntsville, Ontario, and supported her family financially by performing at Deerhurst Resort.

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Renowned as Shania Twain’s Esteemed Brother

The public is familiar with Shania Twain’s brother primarily because of his close relationship with the internationally acclaimed Canadian artist Shania Twain.

Gender: Male Identity

The men were described as such, a representation of the gender roles that are ingrained in society.

Date of birth: Not specified

The exact date of Shania Twain’s brother’s birth is not known.

Nationality: Proudly Canadian

His Canadian citizenship is a proud reflection of his Canadian affiliation.

Ethnicity: Embracing Diversity

Shania Twain’s brother is a mix of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Spouse: Absence from Marital Union

No information about Shania Twain’s brother regarding a marriage or a spouse is available.

Sharon Morrison and Jerry Twain: Parents

His parents, Sharon Morrison & Jerry Twain, are his lineage.

Siblings: A Cherished Family Ensemble

Shania Twain’s brother has sibling ties with Carrie Ann Edwards (the famous singer), Jill Edwards, and Mark Twain.

Darryl Twain’s net worth:

Darryl Twain is an electrician and likely does not have much money. Although his family hasn’t discussed his net worth, his sister, Shania Twain, recently sold 100 million records.

Why was Darryl Twain arrested?

Darryl Twain was facing legal problems when he and two other people were arrested in Edmonton, Alberta, on charges of possession with intent to sell drugs. CMT reported that police discovered $7,000 of rock cocaine in a vehicle. Darryl was released from jail on bail.

What is Darryl Twain’s current location?

Darryl’s location needs to be clarified. He has chosen not to be in the spotlight and hasn’t been featured in recent news. He does not disclose his activities or personal life, nor is he on any social media platforms.


Darryl Twain is related to Shania Twain. The article contains information about Darryl Twain, Shania Twain’s brother.

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