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Kelly was born in Canada on February 19, 1965. She will be 59 by 2024. Her single mother, Joni Mitchell, was a famous singer and painter, and she was raised as a Pisces. Information about her father is not disclosed. Her maternal grandmother, Myrtle Anderson, and her grandfather, Bill Anderson, are both well-known.


Kelly began her education at The Bishop Strachan School and then continued her studies at George Brown College. Later, she earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Harvard University.

Age of Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson was born in February 1965 and is now 58. Her mother, Joni Mitchell, had to deal with the difficulties of raising a child after her father refused to accept her. In 1997, her mother fostered her to a couple.

Kelly Dale Anderson, adopted or not?

David Gibb and Ida Gibb indeed adopted Kelly. Her biological mother, initially named Kilauren Gibb, kept her pregnancy secret before her marriage, which led to her adoption by David and Ida Gibb. The Canadian law prohibiting pregnancy before marriage influenced this decision.

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Kelly Dale Anderson Relationship

Kelly’s current relationship status has yet to be discovered. She has a son, Marlin. Details about her past or current relationships are not known. Joni Mitchell’s mom, Chuck Mitchell, was married twice to give Kelly up for adoption: first to an American singer named Chuck Mitchell and then to Larry Klein before they divorced in 1994.

Father of Kelly Dale Anderson

Brad MacMath, the father of Kelly Dale Anderson, met at Alberta College of Art and Design. Brad MacMath and Joni Mitchell met at Alberta College of Art and Design. Brad MacMath began dating Joni Mitchell in June 1964. Her mother was forced to deal with the relationship when she got pregnant. In September 1964, the couple split up as well. Kelly Dale Anderson refused to acknowledge her father but was still referred to as Kelly Dale Anderson’s biological father.

Kelly Dale Anderson’s Mother

Kelly Dale Anderson is the main reason for her fame. She is an American and Canadian musician, painter, and producer whose albums have made her a household name.


 Her birthplace is Canada, Alberta, and Fort Macleod, on 7th November 1943. She is 79 now. Kelly Dale Anderson’s mother has dual citizenship between America and Canada. Kelly Dale Anderson is her only daughter. She produces and makes music in four genres: rock, folk, jazz, and pop. She used a dulcimer as well as guitars, vocals, and piano. She was active from 1964-2002. 2006-2007. 2013, and 2022-2025. She remains a prominent personality in the music business. She won the Gershwin Prize in the 1960s and 1970s for her hit song from the Library of Congress.

Her popularity was mainly due to the lyrics she wrote herself and her similar voice. Her song lyrics reflected her own life experiences. She wrote “Little Green,” a song with lyrics based on her daughter, Kelly Dale Anderson. Over the past two decades, people have been aware of Joni’s relationship with her daughter, Kelly Dale Anderson.

Kelly Dale Anderson’s Grandfather

William Andrew Anderson was the father and grandfather of Kelly Dale Anderson. He was born into a Norwegian-speaking family. His grandfather was a grocer after the end of World War II. Kelly Dale Anderson’s grandfather was an ordinary man who used to be an Air Force flight lieutenant. He was the instructor for the Canadian Air Force’s junior pilots at the RCAF Station Fort Macleod. He was a Norwegian semi-ancestor. Her maternal grandfather’s family moved around in different cities throughout Canada.

Kelly Dale Anderson and her marriage

Kelly Dale Anderson got married after a long-term relationship. Edward Barrington was her husband and boyfriend of many years. She met Edward Barrington in 1979 when she was a teenager. Kelly Dale Anderson and Edward Barrington broke up after having issues. She wed Paul Kohler, her ex-husband, in 1992. She married her ex-husband, Edward Barrington, in 1995. She married her ex-boyfriend, Edward Barrington, in 1997. Kelly Dale Anderson and Edward Barrington have two children.

Children of Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson has two children: Daisy Joan and Marlin Barrington. Daisy Joan was born in 1999, while Marlin Barrington was not born until later.

Kelly Dale Anderson’s Net Worth

Kelly Dale Anderson has yet to disclose her net worth. In February 2024, her mother, Joni Mitchell, was valued at $100 million. Joni Mitchell’s fame as an artist, singer, and poet has contributed to her wealth. The exact amount she earns every year is not known.

Wrap it up

People think that celebrity children’s lives are all roses. But we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. Look at Kelly Dale Anderson and the chaos she has experienced. After facing the chaos that was her identity and her relationships, she is now happy and healthy. This article is intended to help you better understand the situation.

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