Sean Larkin Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki

Delving into the identity of this individual reveals the full name, Sean Larkin, providing a foundational understanding of his personal background and life journey.

Mononym (Nick Name): Sean

Known by the mononym Sean, this nickname not only simplifies his identification but also carries a sense of familiarity, perhaps echoing a persona that he has cultivated in various aspects of his life.

Gender: Male

Sean Larkin identifies as male, a fundamental aspect of his personal identity that shapes his experiences, perspectives, and interactions in the diverse spheres of life.

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Citizenship: American

Proudly holding American citizenship, Sean Larkin’s connection to the United States underscores his cultural roots and his place within the broader American narrative.

Ethnicity: White Caucasian Descent

Sean Larkin’s ethnicity is characterized by White Caucasian descent, reflecting a specific cultural background that has likely influenced his upbringing and worldview.

Religion: Christianity

Grounded in the principles of Christianity, Sean Larkin’s religious affiliation adds another layer to his identity, shaping his values, beliefs, and potentially influencing his actions in both personal and professional realms.

Birth Date: 1973

Sean Larkin’s journey began in 1973, a pivotal year that marked the commencement of his life’s narrative, setting the stage for the experiences and achievements that would unfold.

Age: 47 years

Currently 47 years old, Sean Larkin’s life has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, shaped by the passage of time and the milestones achieved along his unique journey.

Birth Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, serves as the birthplace of Sean Larkin, providing insight into the geographical roots that anchor his identity and likely contribute to his individuality.

Grow Up at: New York City, USA

The bustling metropolis of New York City, USA, played a formative role in Sean Larkin’s upbringing, influencing his early years and contributing to the mosaic of experiences that define him.

Zodiac: Not Known

While the zodiac sign remains a mystery, Sean Larkin’s life unfolds beyond astrological boundaries, guided by his choices, experiences, and the unique trajectory of his personal and professional journey.

Height: 195 cm

At a towering height of 195 cm, Sean Larkin commands a strong and imposing presence, a physical attribute that undoubtedly contributes to his distinctive appearance.

Height(s) Feet: 6 Feet 4 Inches

Converted to the familiar imperial measurement, Sean Larkin stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches, further emphasizing the scale of his stature.

Height(s) Meter: 1.95 Meter

Expressed in the metric system, Sean Larkin’s height is measured at 1.95 meters, offering a numerical perspective on the magnitude of his physical presence.

Weight: 87 kg

Maintaining a weight of 87 kg, Sean Larkin strikes a balance between stature and build, a testament to his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Weight(s) in Pound: 191 lbs

For those accustomed to pounds, Sean Larkin’s weight is approximately 191 lbs, providing a relatable measure of his physical mass.

Figures: 44-34-38

His physique is encapsulated by the figures 44-34-38, highlighting the dimensions of his chest, waist, and hips, respectively, contributing to a well-proportioned and balanced aesthetic.

Size of Chest: 44 inch

A broad chest measuring 44 inches further enhances Sean Larkin’s physical profile, adding to the visual impact of his stature.

Waist Size in Inch: 34 Inches

With a waist size of 34 inches, Sean Larkin maintains a trim and proportionate midsection, contributing to his overall athletic appearance.

Hip Size: 38 inches

A hip size of 38 inches completes the trio of measurements, emphasizing Sean Larkin’s well-defined and balanced physique.

Biceps: 18 Inches

Defined biceps measuring 18 inches showcase Sean Larkin’s commitment to physical fitness, adding strength and definition to his arms.

Eye Colour: Blue

Sean Larkin’s captivating blue eyes become a focal point, adding a touch of intensity and allure to his overall appearance.

Hair Color: Grey

Grey hair contributes to Sean Larkin’s distinguished look, echoing a maturity and sophistication that complements his physical dimensions.

Marital Status: Divorced

Sean Larkin’s marital journey has seen a chapter of divorce, reflecting the complexities and nuances of personal relationships that shape the course of his life.

Dating History: Unknown

Details about Sean Larkin’s dating history remain veiled, adding an air of mystery to his personal life and romantic pursuits.

Girlfriend: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant holds the title of Sean Larkin’s girlfriend, marking a notable presence in his personal life and possibly reflecting shared interests and companionship.

Wife/Spouse Name: Name not available

The details of Sean Larkin’s past marriage, including the name of his former spouse, remain undisclosed, respecting the privacy that surrounds certain aspects of his personal history.

Interest: Spending Time with His Kids and Music

Sean Larkin’s interests extend beyond the public eye, with a focus on spending quality time with his children, a testament to his commitment to family. Additionally, music holds a special place in his heart, adding a layer of passion to his personal pursuits.

Father: Father Name – Not Known

The identity of Sean Larkin’s father remains unknown, creating a private space around his familial connections.

Mother: Mother Name – Not Known

Similarly, the name of Sean Larkin’s mother remains undisclosed, preserving the privacy of his maternal relationships.

Brother Name: Will Be Updated Soon

Information about Sean Larkin’s brother is pending updates, leaving room for further exploration of his family dynamics.

Sister Name: Will Be Updated Soon

Similarly, details about Sean Larkin’s sister are set to be updated, providing a more comprehensive view of his familial connections.

Famous Relatives: Not Known, Will Be Updated Soon

As of now, details about any famous relatives in Sean Larkin’s family tree are not available, with the possibility of updates in the future.

Daughter and Son: One Daughter

Sean Larkin is a parent to one daughter, adding a familial dimension to his life and responsibilities. The specifics of his family structure are kept private, respecting the boundaries of his personal life.

Income: —

Details about Sean Larkin’s specific income remain undisclosed, creating a level of privacy around the financial aspects of his life.

Net Worth: $500,000 US dollars (As of 2019)

As of 2019, Sean Larkin’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 US dollars. This financial standing reflects his professional endeavors and achievements up to that point, showcasing a noteworthy level of success.

Favorite Color: Black

In the realm of personal preferences, black stands out as Sean Larkin’s favorite color. This choice may signify a preference for sophistication, versatility, or a unique aesthetic that resonates with his personal style.

Favorite Food: Continental Cuisine

Sean Larkin’s palate leans towards Continental Cuisine, indicating an appreciation for the diverse flavors and culinary traditions found in European cuisine. This culinary preference adds a touch of refinement to his personal tastes.

Favorite Place: London

Among the myriad of places in the world, London holds a special place in Sean Larkin’s heart as his favorite destination. Whether it be the rich history, cultural diversity, or the dynamic urban landscape, London resonates with him on a personal level. This favorite place choice offers a glimpse into his travel preferences and the experiences that leave a lasting impact on him.

While financial aspects provide a snapshot of his professional success, Sean Larkin’s favorite color, food, and place offer a more intimate view into his personal tastes and the aspects of life that bring him joy and fulfillment.

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