Shira Haas is an internationally recognized actress who was born on May 11, 1995, in the bustling streets of Tel Aviv. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her breakout performance in the Netflix series “Unorthodox” garnered her a prestigious Emmy and Golden Globe nomination. 

Her captivating performances in the film and television industries have driven her to new heights. At the age of 28, Shira Haas is at the nexus of a bright future. She enthralled audiences throughout the globe with her unmatched acting talent and unshakable commitment to the craft of storytelling.

Professional Career:

“A Tale of Love and Darkness” was Shira Haas’s 2015 international feature debut, launching her into the world cinematic stage. In addition to showcasing her acting abilities, her costarring role with Jessica Chastain in Niki Caro’s “The Zookeeper’s Wife” (2017) propelled her. her he to the forefront of American chat shows on The Today Show in 2016. She received more praise after being nominated for a second Israeli Ophir Award for her performance in “Foxtrot” (2017). They made it onto the 90th Academy Award final shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film.

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In the Israeli film “Asia” (2020), Shira Haas costarred with Alena Yiv in the moving role of a daughter confined to a wheelchair. Owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the film’s 2020 Tribeca Film Festival world premiere took place online. 

Haas’s remarkable performance in this demanding character won her the coveted Best International Actress title. She joined other notable Israelis in a virtual celebration of Israel’s 72nd Independence Day in 2020, demonstrating her pride in her country. Her career reached a major turning point in the same year. She signed a contract with the prestigious Creative Artists Agency in June 2020.

What is the net worth of Shira Haas 

With an estimated net worth of $550,000, Shira Haas has achieved financial success mostly through her prestigious acting career. Her income is evidence of the respect and recognition she has received in the entertainment sector.

Early Life:

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 11, 1995, Shira Haas is a talented actress who comes from a family with roots in secular Jewish culture. Her diverse heritage surely influences her career choices. Besides, the captivating characters she embodies on the movie stage. Both of her parents are Ashkenazi Jews who were born in Israel.

When Shira Haas was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the young age of two, she faced a significant health hurdle that required her to show incredible fortitude. Her early perseverance not only helped her overcome hardship. But it also predicted the grit she currently applies to her successful acting career. Haas was raised in Ramat Hasharon, but her family originally resided in Tel Aviv, where she was born. She started her career in entertainment in this setting, and she eventually made a lasting impression on Israeli and international screens.

Shira Haas is recognized for her exceptional work on a variety of productions and commands attention. Her breakthrough performance in the 2020 Netflix miniseries “Unorthodox,” in which she portrayed Esther “Esty” Shapiro, is especially notable on a global scale. 

This compelling series showcases Shira’s extraordinary acting talent. It follows the journey of a Hasidic Jewish woman seeking a new life by breaking away from her community.

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Extending her career, Shira Haas will play Mossad agent and Israeli superhero Sabra in the upcoming MCU movie “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which will be released on May 3, 2024. 

This project represents an exciting new step in her career, launching her onto the international scene. Besides it is enhancing her reputation as a talented and adaptable actress. Shira Haas’s story is inspiring because of her ability to bounce back from setbacks. Her unwavering commitment to giving outstanding performances in both film and television.

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Career Summary:

Local Film and Television (2014): 

Her ascent to fame began in her native Israel, where she established herself with memorable performances in regional motion pictures and television shows.

Ophir Award Success (2014-2020): 

Her remarkable ability earned her five nominations for the Ophir Award, and she took home significant honors from the prestigious Israeli film award competition. Acknowledged for her parts in “Broken Mirrors” and the Oscar-nominated “Foxtrot,” she received nominations. Her performance in “Noble Savage” won an Ophir Award. She has already received numerous honors; in 2020, the Tribeca Film Festival was awarded. As her Best Actress in an International Narrative Feature for her outstanding performance in the drama “Asia.”

Unorthodox Breakthrough (2020): 

She gained notoriety after playing Esther “Esty” Shapiro in the Netflix miniseries “Unorthodox,” which garnered her widespread praise. This engrossing series tells the moving story of a Hasidic Jewish woman who leaves her community to start over. The impact of the show was widespread, garnering interest and eight Emmy nominations.

Upcoming MCU Debut (2024): 

Looking ahead, she is prepared for a career-changing moment as she plays Israeli superhero and Mossad spy Sabra. She plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) premiere “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which opens on May 3, 2024. This exciting endeavor has the potential to solidify her position in the world of entertainment.


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